WP5 Late Mortality


  • To establish a pan-European cohort of survivors for which all deaths occurring at least five years from diagnosis have been (or can be) ascertained and for which an official cause of death is available
  • To analyse total, gender-specific and cause-specific mortality in this cohort, including survivors from various European countries with different health systems over extended period of time
  • To relate absolute and excess risk (compared to background population) of death from specific causes to gender, type of childhood cancer, age at diagnosis, period of cancer diagnosis and, in a subset of patients, type of treatment.
  • To validate the official causes of death through accessing death certificates, hospital records and autopsy reports in a sample of patients
  • To assess the comparability and quality of causes of death recorded in different countries
  • To clarify, in those countries where mortality data and/or causes of death are not readily available, the reasons for the lack of information.