WP7 Dissemination and Training


  • Disseminate information about PanCareSurFup to the general public and among health professionals and survivor/parent groups, and train health care professionals through conferences, workshops, booklets and web based information. Establish partnerships between providers and survivor/parent groups to empower and educate survivors to be as informed as possible concerning their long-term risks.
  • This dissemination and training project aims to add the results of the research in WP1-5 to existing research and the guidelines developed by WP6 and will interact with SIOPE via a link on the SIOPE webpage, the ENCCA project (if funded) proposed under the FP7’s HEALTH 2010.2.4.1-3 paragraph “Structuring clinical research in pediatric oncology”, as well as collaborative clinical groups and survivor/parent groups such as ICCCPO (European groups who are members of the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parents Organizations). Finally, general dissemination of findings from PanCareSurFup to the general public will be achieved via media such as press releases, blogs, video webcasts.
  • Form partnerships between researchers, health care providers and survivor/parent groups in health promotion efforts to better manage the long-term consequences of cancer and its therapies.
  • Train health care professionals and survivors in aspects of survivorship, through conferences, work shops, booklets and web based information, blogs, and other media.
  • Provide better health care management of adverse effects from therapy in CCS (childhood cancer survivors).
  • Close the feed-back loop with collaborative groups conducting clinical trials.
  • Disseminate information about PanCareSurFup to a Europe-wide general audience by means of press releases to print, TV, radio and electronic media.